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Brandon Bernard

Brandon Bernard currently holds undergraduate degrees in Finance and International Business from the University of Nevada, Reno and is currently pursuing an MBA. He began his career working in the financial services industry, leading bank branches to higher customer service scores and improving teller performance. He then went on to work in General Aviation, helping lead projects that brought online training, PreCheck, and Known Crew Member to the general aviation industry. He later worked as a Financial Advisor before settling into his current role as an Analyst at Intuit. His tendency to work himself into leadership roles lead him to found his website,, where he regularly writes about becoming a better leader. In his free time, Brandon enjoys playing golf, running, working out, spending time with his wife, and traveling as much as possible. He is very excited about the opportunity to be joining a great TedX team. You can connect with Brandon on Twitter (@Bbernard12), LinkedIn (, or on his website (