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Georgia Vanderville

Georgia Vanderville is an avid learner and deep into studying growth, leadership and life.  She leads a 10 person team in her company, Shortie’s Candle Company she started at 21.  Her team produces candles for large corporations, sells on Amazon and was contacted by Walmart to become’s high end candle brand.   She is passionate about the ideas and beliefs we have created and run our lives by.  She has studied with top teachers, yogi’s, monks and mind experts across California, Canada, Estonia and Croatia.  She loves speaking and creating her #LadderLessons series which share helpful and fun insight to create change in her listeners.  She aims to help people understand their thoughts and help them learn how to adjust them so their thoughts truthfully serve them.  Georgia is now a co-author of a best-selling book that was just released in early 2019.  Her newest venture is Munch and Meditate.  Her team of trained mediation instructors go into businesses and help restructure their company culture through education and mediation.